I am very pleased with All American Design from the gentleman who came by to show me my options, to the guys doing the work. I am happy to have the Owens Corning Roofing System on our home and having it helps us be more energy efficient. I recommend All American Design to anyone interested in roofing or any other home projects.
Julia Rivas
To American Design Inc.: 1px This is to let you know we bought and had installed your American Design Windows and our overall satisfaction of the process. 1px We were contracted by Giora Shenhav and Cory Smentek to present us with window quality, guarantee, purchase and installation process. They were very thorough and spent time answering all of our questions. They followed up with is to make sure we were totally satisfies with our windows. They were very pleasant, thorough and let us know the process and how everything would work. 1px Two men that put in the windows Daniel and Eddie were very good, thorough and made sure we were happy with their work. They had a n issue with the big sliding glass door not closing properly and worked until it was resolved. They were very professional. 1px We would definitely recommend American Design as a great company to provide windows and work with to friends and neighbors or use them for other work. 1px Thanks for your service
Jeanne & Jerry Paproski
Home Owner
To the wonderful Team at All American Design Inc. 1px We are writing to express the joy in the work done on our home. This is not limited to Roofing, we also had the House painted and added a new Garage door. It feels like we can live in this house another (72 years). We are very proud of it. 1px Our thanks,
  • Giora Shenhaw, Division Manager – All American Design Inc
  • Tim - General Manager
  • David - Production Manager
  • Justin - Manager
  • Joe Lamaniego - Division Manager
  • Fred - Roofing
  • Mesa - Garage
1px Thanks for Everything,
The Langford Family
Home Owner
Dear Potential Customer of American Design: 1px I hired American Design to paint me fascia boards, trim, and wood-siding on my home. The salesman, Tanner, was very respectful, humorous, and to-the-point. He was willing to answer questions and willing to barter with us until we could reach a price that my husband and I were comfortable with. HE even called the GM that evening to introduce us and welcome us into the “American Design Family.” 1px Once my husband and I decided to go with American Design, the process was simple and smooth. Everything proceeded easily, which is such a welcome change from my experience in the past with contractors and construction companies. The painting crew that came to my home was fantastic! They were professional, kind, respectful, and helpful. Not only were they always on time for the job (even early many days), they were quick, hardworking, and paid close attention to the details of the project, which I greatly appreciated! Many of my neighbors were mesmerized with the end result, and have commented on how impressed they are with the finished product. My home, once an eye-soar on my street, is now a jewel to be admired. 1px The product was also very good. We purchased the “Green Tec” material. We picked our colors out at Home Depot and they were able to match it to their product, which was awesome! I also had lots of damaged wood that needed to be repaired, and the house desperately needed to be sanded down. They did all of that! They repaired (and even replaced!) any damaged wood and sanded it all down, leaving the place looking new! They also cleaned up after themselves every day, so my house didn’t look cluttered or messy from the street. 1px I can honestly say that I would recommend All American Design in the future to others, not simply because they have a great product, but because of the level of great customer service & craftsmanship they provided us! 1px Sincerely and with Gratitude,
David & Krystal Dreisbach
Home Owner
Attn: Mr. Timothy Harrison, General Manager 1px Mr. Timothy Harrison, thank you so much for making it possible for us to have a well needed roof on our fifty one year old house at 1455 East 220th St. Carson, California. 1px As retired seniors living on a fixed income we have been shopping for a good roofing company that would give us the best affordable price with top quality roofing materials that also included all repair and replacement of everything needed to bring the roof to a hundred percent new. 1px We are so pleased to say that you are as good as your word; everything that you promised was done and done with such efficiency and professionalism; you making it a point to keep on top of things and keeping us inform of all work progress, made it so much less stressful for us. 1px I also want to thank Mr. David Schubert for all his time and patience in explaining and demonstrating the quality of the Owens Corning roofing materials that your company uses and how they are applied & installed, and most important we thank him for showing us all the damage we had on the roof that we were not aware of. 1px We also thank all your Roofing Crew for all their dedication & hard work; they were always here on time, started to work right away and they did a great job in cleaning & hauling all the debris, and best of all they finished the work in the time they said it would be done. 1px Thank you so much Mr. Harrison for all your help, we are pleased that we has your company do our roofing; we now feel secure to know that we are safe from a downpour and that this roof will be okay for a long time; so with the fifty year Warranty, and thank you also for helping us obtain reasonable Financing Contract that meets our needs. 1px Sincerely,
Ernest P. Alegre & Emma Alegre
Home Owner
Dear All American Design Inc., 1px I would like to sincerely express my ever most gratitude to you, your contractor, & your company as a whole. When my company wanted me to transfer to California, I decided I wanted to buy a home instead of renting. 1px Which my wife loved the idea, so we bought a beautiful two-story 1950’s home in Anaheim. We both loved everything about the home except for the windows. As luck would have it, as soon as we finished unpacking. One of your Representatives knocked on our door. After a few minutes of him explaining what your company did, we made an appointment. 1px Not only did your company send someone right over, but the General Manager, amazing. And, after a very informative meeting, we signed a contract with you. 1px As soon as the ink dried you guys were at work. (I had never had a contractor give me an ending date & stick to it). 1px I am so glad my wife & I went with your company. Because for us being from out of town, we could of easily be taken advantage of. You guys gave us a no pressure quote, worked with us & was always there to answer our questions. 1px On the last note, we made plenty of friends in our neighborhood, because people kept coming up to ask about our windows. 1px Once again, thank you & God Bless. 1px Sincerely,
Shawn Hamilton
Home Owner
To Whom It May Concern: 1px All American Design put a new roof on my house they were very professional during the whole process. They arrived at 7:30 each day and left around 5 each night. They were to finish the roof in 4 days but it took 5 to complete the project. They picked up the extra materials on the seventh day. They cleaned the front and side of the house each night before they left. They cleaned the back yard of the final day as well as the excess trash on the roof. David stopped several times to check on the project. I am very happy with the workmanship. The roof looks great and I am very happy to know I have a green roof with a 50-year guarantee it gives me piece of mind going forward. 1px Thank you to everyone who worked on my house.
Diane Tolentino
Home Owner
Dearest All American Design Inc., 1px I am writing you to let others know about the quality of work you guys truly do & the Amazing products you have to offer. 1px I just recently remodeled my house, with only All-Green energy efficient products as we did before. Well with this booming business here in California there are a lot of different companies to choose from. Well with us having $50,000.00 to put into this remodeling project I wanted not just a good company but a great one. Funny thing is All American Design kept coming up by my family & friends. 1px After many suggestions from both our families we decided to set up a meeting with All American Design. And, after the presentation you gave us in our home, we decided to go with your company. One of the best decisions I ever made. (other than marrying my wife of course.) 1px You guys were on time, professional & affordable. We painted our house & remodeled our bathroom. 1px Everything is exactly how we wanted it & much more. Our next project is our roof & guess who we will be using? 1px On behalf of my wife & I, thank you for all your hard work you put into our home. See you guys real soon for our next project. 1px Sincerely,
Mr & Mrs Benitez
Home Owner
To Whom It May Concern: 1px My husband and I wanted to let the company know how pleased we are with the painting of our home. John, Lazaro and the other men on the painting crew did a fantastic paint job – our home looks great! The work performed by the crew was done in a professional manner – and we are very pleased with the outcome. 1px We know there was a lot of effort put into making the paint job look so good. We are aware that in order to make a paint job look good, that there needs to be a lot of preparation work to make the final product look good. We saw for ourselves how much effort the paint crew put into performing all the stucco repairs, trenching down beneath the surface, and prepping the trim and fascia. The guys completed the job in the timeframe promised, and they cleaned up after themselves. They make every effort to please us and we are grateful for their excellent work. 1px We also think John did a great job as the lead man. He was friendly, professional, communicated well with us, and was committed to making us satisfied with the painting of our home. We would definitely recommended John and the others on the paint crew for future painting work, they were all very professional. 1px Thank you again for the great paint job on our home. Our home is now the best looking home on the block! 1px Sincerely,
Fernando & Anna Camarena
Home Owner
I had All American Design Inc. install their product on my four bedroom house. Their crew was always on time and worked quickly through their tasks each day. The job was done quickly with little interruptions. I especially enjoyed the day to day supervision of Ariel Gevara and Giora Shenhav. I especially appreciate that my property was left in a clean state.
Keith Morris
Home Owner
We would recommend All American Design to anyone looking to improve their home and make it greener. We originally had All American Design do our exterior coating to our house and not six months has gone by and we had All American Design replace all the windows in our house. Our home is now cooler than ever in the summer and our energy bills have dropped down immensely. We have nothing but good things to say about All American Design. The price did not change in mid-project as we know happens all the time with other companies. All American Design’s tradesmen were professional, friendly and clean (it was important for my wife and me that no mess will be left at the end of each day). 1px I want to add that we are very impressed by the fact that All American Design truly cares about our community. All of the products are made here in the U.S in American factories by American workers. 1px Thank you All American Design, we are very happy we chose you.
Matt and Katrina
Home Owner
Dear All American Design Inc., 1px My mother & I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the job All American Design did for us. You have the best care for your customers as well as the most efficient crew. 1px For this being the first purchased my mother made without my father since his passing a few years ago. You guys made the process so easy for her. 1px She liked the informative presentation, the quickness of the service, but most of all the quality of your work. Also, I would like to commend you guys on the different payment options as well. The flexibility of your options was great. You guys went above and beyond what most contractors wouldn’t even dream of doing. 1px Thank you for staying with us throughout the process & thank you for being so kind to my mother. 1px Sincerely,
Susie Thomas
Home Owner
Gentlemen: 1px It was indeed a pleasure working with your company starting with your salesman David Schubert who I found very knowledgeable of the roofing business. He went over every step of the roofing replacement job with me and checked each item off on the roofing agreement. Anything not clear on this agreement he made clear on an addendum to contract document. He also stated there would be no additions to his quotation no matter what he found after the existing shingles were removed. This after replacing many linear feet of wood he kept his word. 1px The company started the project on a Monday with a demolition crew and completed the demo the same day including clean up and removal of debris from job site. On Tuesday the installation crew arrived and completed the new roof the following day. I was surprised that the job was installed exactly as the salesman David stated. When my painting contractor starter he pointed out a few minor problems which I felt the roofer could take care of. When I called him he was only too happy to take care of the items at no charge. After receiving three quotations I am please to have chosen American Design as my contractor although they were not the lowest bid. You have my permission to use this letter as a reference to any future customer you have, or if they wish to speak with me I am willing to talk with them. 1px Very truly yours,
William & Vera Corcoran
Home Owner
Dear Adam & friends at All American: 1px We wanted to let you know how TRULY PLEASED we are with not only the end result of the job you did for us, but also by the excellent service and attitude of your staff and crew at AAD. The application of the Tex-Cote product to the exterior of our house was done in a professional, timely and CLEAN manner! 1px My wife and I were pleasantly surprised at how efficient your crew worked together to finish the job on our home, and how everything was done in such a timely manner! We have done a few different home improvement projects with other companies prior to yours, and NO ONE has ever finished the job on time AND within our budget before!! 1px The installation crew was prompt, courteous and extremely diligent. They went to extraordinary lengths to ensure our house was properly prepared and the Tex-Cote correctly applied. The finished result has already attracted many complimentary comments and some potential customer inquiries. We have no hesitation in definitively recommending All American Design. Our home has never looked so beautiful! 1px Sincerely,
Richard & Amy Rizzos
Home Owner
Dear David, 1px We can’t thank you and everyone at All American Design enough! Our roof is beautiful and we couldn’t be happier with it. 1px We had put off having our roof done as we had heard the horror stories about contractors and sub-contractors, roofers, working out of their cars, etc. We really waited too long and you saw the results. Although our roof was not leaking, it was in desperate need of replacement. 1px This was the easiest and most non-invasive home improvement project we have ever been through. The job was quoted to be completed in 4 days. Essentially it was all done in three days, ahead of schedule. Each day the crews cleaned up and let us know their progress. Sal was wonderful to call me at work and let us know about the job being done except for the paint to be completed on Friday. 1px We are keeping the All American Design sign in our yard. We are hopeful that it brings you more business. We are happy to speak with anyone who is thinking about getting a new roof. We hope that we can convince them not to wait like we did. The fact that your company employs its own people, they are certified by Owens Corning and the guarantee is great, allows us to recommend your company to others. We were also very pleased that the crew obviously did everything right the first time as the Anaheim City inspectors signed off on the job promptly each time they were called out. Anaheim is known for delays in this area, so All American did an excellent job! 1px We love to drive to our home and see the beautiful roof now! We are receiving compliments from neighbors and have already recommended All American Design to one homeowner. Please, please be sure to have anyone who is unsure about getting a new roof contact us. We will be happy to share our fantastic experience with them. 1px Sincerely,
Kim & Kimberly Jones
Home Owner
Dear All American: 1px Your recent improvement to my home was just completed and I am more than delighted with the result. I chose “Pearly Gates White” with a light teal color called “Peaceful Pond” for the trim, and my home, which was built in 1981 looks like a brand new one. The TEX-COTE product is definitely the best of it’s kind. 1px Everyone involved, from the young lady I met at the Home Show, to the Sales Rep that came to my house was very informative and pleasant, without being pushy. George, the installer that helped me choose the colors, and has crew were all very nice men and did a thorough job of patching, painting and cleanup. They left my property even cleaner than when they found it, and I just want you to know how much I appreciate their professionalism. 1px You may use me as a reference any time, as I appreciated being able to talk to one of your previous customers and believe in doing the same for someone else. I will definitely call you again when I am ready for my next project, and truly appreciated all your honest and hard work. It’s nice to know there are still people out there who do things the right way without cutting corners! 1px Cordially,
Anne Holloway
Home Owner
Letter of Referral 1px My house was built in 1962 and in the 52 years, the house has been painted twice and was now in dire need of some stucco patch and new paint. A knock on the door and a smiley face of the neighborhood canvasser with a positive attitude he had of his company and products led me into obtaining an estimate from their Senior GreenTek representative. The estimate was competitive but was not my lowest bid, but fair for all the work required to bring my house back to being my home. 1px The high-energy crew was on time and kept the area clean at all times. The crew worked well together their level of attention, detail was spot on, and they relayed my concerns to their project manager promptly as possible issues needed addressing was made seamlessly. 1px I would be very happy to invite you stop by my house and see the transformation All American Design, Inc. preformed on my home. 1px Sincerely,
Mr. Stacey Staab
Home Owner