Important Questions to Ask Your Solar Contractor

When making the switch to solar energy in your home, you’ll probably have a good number of questions about just how the technology will translate from brochures and TV descriptions to actually powering your home. Even if you have family or friends who’ve already made the switch, many of them will not have a strong enough understanding how their systems work in order to accurately describe it to you. Not to worry; solar contractors like us here at All American Design have the answers that you’re searching for.

What Are the Right Questions and Why

Finding out the right answers regarding solar energy requires knowing the right questions to ask. If you’re working with a top solar contractor, he or she should have no hesitancy in giving you all of the information that you need. Here are just a few of the questions that you should consider asking regarding your switch:

  • How much of my home’s energy usage will the solar system cover: You’ll want to know in which areas of your monthly utility costs solar is truly having an impact.
  • How much will my utility costs be after the conversion: Your decision to switch over has financial implications. Thus, you’ll no doubt want to know where you’re seeing any savings or rebates.
  • Will the installation affect my homeowners insurance: Any modifications to your home may affect your insurance coverage. Make sure your contractor tells you beforehand what to expect.

Your decision to go solar is one that should be applauded. Yet if you’re like most, you’re probably venturing into uncharted territory. As such, don’t be afraid to ask us here at All American Design any questions that you may have regarding the installation process and what to expect once your home is converted over. We make it our job to dissuade all of your concerns.