Develop Your Home’s Sustainability With Solar Power

You’ve probably heard a lot about solar power and various solar panel companies, but have wondered if it’s really worth the cost and burden of installation. At All American Design, we know the reality is that solar power systems are more achievable, easier to install, and more powerful than ever before. Beyond incredible federal tax credits and incentives, solar power systems are eco-friendly and have the ability to drastically reduce our impact on the environment while making most of the free, abundant Southern California sunshine. If you’re looking for the best solar contractors in town, look no further than the skilled and friendly technicians at All American Design.


The All American Difference

Most solar contractors rely on solar panels with an interconnected grid of modules in order to harness the sun’s energy. While this works in full sunlight, shade or debris can interfere with the panel’s performance. At All American Design, we use groundbreaking micro inverter technology that continues to produce maximum output per solar panel even if one breaks down or becomes obstructed. Other benefits of using micro inverter solar technology include:

  • Simple system design
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Not affected by shade or debris.


Why Go Solar With All American Design

Anyone can learn to install solar panels, but no one does it with the comprehensive solar system services that we do. Our technicians can help you reduce your household energy expenditure from an average of 920 kWh per month to 840 kWh per month, which equates to 50% savings in your monthly energy bill. Solar power also has the ability to:

  • Save 16,000 gallons of water per year
  • Reduce dependence on foreign oil
  • Cut down on carbon dioxide through electrical use
  • Lessen the effects of global warming

After an in-home consultation, we’ll come up with a customized solar power plan that works for your home and your budget.


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